Kathleen Cramer, Ph.D., L.L.C.

Clinical, Educational, Forensic Psychology

Forensic Services

Prior to becoming a psychologist, I worked in the legal field for a number of years; as a result, I am familiar with legal verbiage, procedures, and culture.  I also received specialized training in forensic psychology and treated seriously mentally ill patients at Arizona State Hospital’s forensic program.  The combination of my psychology degree and legal experience makes me uniquely qualified to apply psychological principles to forensic matters.  I have extensive experience in the assessment of personality, psychiatric functioning, intellectual functioning, and cognitive functioning with resultant diagnoses that include (but are not limited to) psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, cognitive disorders, substance-use disorders, personality disorders, psychopathy, and malingering.  I offer the following types of forensic evaluation:



  • Personal Injury
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Grievances (i.e., sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.)
  • Fitness for Employment


  • Mental Status at Time of Offense (i.e., GEI)
  • Mitigation Issues
  • Risk Assessment (i.e., risk of violence, risk of reoffending, etc.)


Forensic evaluations can include (but are not limited to) the following types of formal assessment:

  • Intellectual/Cognitive Functioning
  • Psychological/Personality Functioning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Malingering