Kathleen Cramer, Ph.D., L.L.C.

Clinical, Educational, Forensic Psychology

Individual Therapy for Adults and Older Adolescents (18 and Older)

The way we think affects not only the way we feel, but also the way we respond to various people and circumstances. The goal of psychotherapy (also known as therapy or counseling) is to help you become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings, as well as the feelings of others. You might benefit from therapy if you:

  • Feel stressed or anxious
  • Experience depression or other mood disorders
  • Have trouble controlling your anger
  • Have difficulty communicating effectively with others
  • Experience problems at work or in your relationships
  • Have difficulty paying attention or focusing
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Have important life decisions to make
  • Want to strengthen your problem solving skills and decision making abilities
  • Are unable to enjoy life’s pleasures
  • Have difficulty coping with life’s problems

Counseling can have risks and benefits. Since it often involves discussing difficult aspects of your life, you may experience some unpleasant feelings at first. However, the benefits of counseling can include improved relationships, better problem solving skills, and significantly reduced feelings of distress.

During your first appointment, we will discuss aspects of your personal history so that I can acquaint myself with you and your therapy needs. At the end of our first appointment, we will create a treatment plan that identifies one or two main problem areas, as well as some goals for the therapy process. Your first appointment may last up to 60 minutes, and subsequent appointments will last 45 to 50 minutes. My goal is for you to receive the highest quality of care. Therefore, it is important that we communicate openly about the services you are receiving; and you have the right to ask questions about any aspect of your treatment with me.